Twentyone Pilots are back with a new album. On their last album “Blurryface”, every single track was certified at least gold - very rare accomplishment. Now they are back for a followup and this album has just as much energy but even more guts. “Jumpsuit” is the lead track off of the album and I’m pleased that we have more rock on the airwaves because of it.

Bastille is a group that just has these harmonies that get to me. Not to mention the melodies. Well they’ve teamed up with Marshmello for a bangin new hit called “Happier” which is a song that is lucky enough to break through the hip hop mainstream going on right now.

Avril Lavigne knows exactly how to inspire through emotional anthems. Her new song “Head Above Water” is a catchy pop ballad about her struggle with lyme disease. Her vocals are sharp, delicate, vulnerable and most of all convincing. The song contains earworms you’ll likely have a hard time ignoring.

Lady Lark is about unleashing that true inner self confidence,  feeling sexy, and dancing like you don’t care just because the beat got you. When you listen to this track, you will definitely feel like dancing into the weekend.

Lauv had me last year with his hit song “I Like Me Better”. Now he’s back with a song called “Superhero” and I like it just as much! This young talent has a very soft and soothing voice fit for R&B/pop but I think we will see even more versatility from him in years to come.