Riding the wave, staying humble

This week was major for me.  After about 6 days of going viral with content, I am left feeling energized and exhausted - yes you can be both of those things at the same time.

I'm in the process of interviewing for my open intern position, I am signing a contract for studio space in about 2 weeks, and the big launch party is happening in 12 days!

I am getting contacted by so many different people.  More people want to be involved as guests on the show.  Some people want to work for me and with me.  More artists want to be be interviewed by me because they see value and authenticity in this platform.  Loyal followers are offering amazing suggestions to further enrich the content.  And I am getting a lot of love from friends, family, and distant strangers about how they love the content that already exists.  I couldn't be happier.

I always say if you don't follow your intuition, you will most likely be making a mistake.  So I did.  I published 3 hours of content this week.  For my loyal followers, I know you're worried about keeping up, but don't worry at all, the content will always be there for you when you get around to it.  The reason I amped up is because I want new followers to have more content to embrace so they have more control over where they'd like to start following.  

As I am enjoying riding this wave I have to remind myself of one important thing:

Validation is great but it's more important that you believe in your work and create with passion and from your heart - this gives your creation authenticity.  If not, validation is completely worthless. 

If I were to create a platform for "pokemon go", I could probably pull it off with a lot of research.  But the inauthenticity would be so obvious and I wouldn't be happy or proud of it either.

So stay in touch with yourself and your passion. 

Follow your gut, it's always right I promise you. 

Stay humble. 

Be open to opinions from people who want you to succeed. 

Be grateful for the love and support people give you but don't depend on it. 

If you don't believe in you, then re-evaluate.

Until next time, keep marching from within.