Every week a new milestone

As I take a moment to reflect upon this adventure, I can't help but think about how crazy and exciting life can be.  A year ago, I was laid off from a job in corporate America.  I loved my job but I always knew deep down it wasn't where I was supposed to be.  Fast forward to July of 2018 when I met someone who would change my life forever. 

For 2 weeks beginning on July 13, I spent time researching podcast production, software and equipment.  I learned about host sites, audio editing, rss feeds, all the different mediums and some initial basics on audio content creation.  Additionally I had to find someone to help me brand it and name it.  I was anxious about finding out how to find guests to be on the show with me.  I was excited and overwhelmed.  

On July 22, I uploaded my first episode.  It wasn't my best work but I was excited to learn and improve.  There were problems with the audio execution and the conversation wasn't as structured.  But I was so energized.   I created an IG page for the podcast and started getting the word out.  

Now I sit less than 2 months later.  Here is all that's happened:

  1. Podcast is now on 9 different channels.  When I started it was only on Buzzsprout and Itunes.
  2. I have started video segments.
  3. The website is up and the branding is solid. 
  4. I have 14 episodes online today!  
  5. I have diversified the content and we now have news updates weekly as well as interviews with up and coming artists.
  6. Content on social media keeps getting better and better.
  7. I now have to turn people down for interviews because my calendar is booked solid.


Here is what is coming down the pipeline:

  1. More and more interesting content.
  2. Launch party on 9/18.
  3. I'm hiring an intern to help with social media and content editing.
  4. I'm beginning to rent studio space for recording and filming.

Tap into your passion.  Take small steps doing things that fill you up.  Where your passion goes, you bring out your best self.  Follow the signs of the universe.  Be grateful for the opportunity to live this life.  Nothing is perfect.  But if you don't try then nothing is nothing.

Until then, keep living your best life.

Justin Grant3 Comments