How do you unlock your potential?

As my personal and professional momentum continues to build, I’m starting to get asked the question “How did you do that?”. It’s kinda funny that when you have a crazy idea, people ask you “why?” but when you start to actually generate wavelengths, people ask you “how?”

I don’t have the answers. It’s a journey for me. When I started, I really just wanted to have a podcast. It started with one episode - an episode I’m not particularly proud of because of how much I had yet to learn. Fast forward 2 months later and it’s thriving and opening up so many other possibilities and business ventures. It also spawned my second business so now I own and operate two solely independent companies.

“I’m an entrepreneur”. Never imagined I’d be able to say that out loud.

So here are my tips for anyone who cares:

  1. Start small

    You don’t have to do everything right now. In fact, start slow and start humble. But do it with passion. You’ll see what unfolds.

  2. Be your own advocate

    I’ve talked about this before but you don’t need everyone to be in your corner. Be in your own corner. People will follow. In fact, there will be people who don’t want you to succeed and will try to bring you down in the process. Let that be their problem, not yours.

  3. Find those you admire

    Look out to others who can influence you. Learn from them. Remember, you’re starting on a path of creation but it’s ok to model yourself after those who have done it before. Actually, you should.

  4. Eliminate the negativity

    It’s pretty simple. People who drag you down, or work against your potential: you just have to get rid of them. Don’t even think twice about it. They have to go.

This week I have had multiple people reaching out to me for “expertise”, potential business partnerships, life/career advice, or just to shoot the shit and talk. Because of my experience with this, I am thrilled to help anyone who is contemplating making a change in their life for the better as well. Again, I’m no expert. But what I can say is grab whatever you love by the horns and take control of the wheel.

Don’t get sucked into playing the victim, blaming others for your lack of success, and definitely don’t wait for things to happen for you.

You get to decide.

Justin Grant3 Comments