Where do you go from here?

The launch party is over and it was a big success! Engagement is higher than it’s ever been. The momentum is riding high. Although some things didn’t go as expected, I was able to roll with it and establish quick back up options to ensure effective execution - thanks to my 14 year long career in corporate America!

So what happens now? I gotta say a LOT. There’s some new business deals that are in the works, intern #2 has been hired to focus on social and PR, and a new content strategy and structure is in the works!

The launch party taught me so much about event management (which is a direction I want to take this) and I also learned SO MUCH about my audience and how I should adjust to their needs. I also learned a lot about what it means to be an entrepreneur and establish high standards for your business.

With every great achievement comes the opportunity to evolve, improve, and iterate into something better. I’m not sure who said that (or if anyone did), so I guess you can quote me on that.

Till next time!

Justin Grant1 Comment