Blog: Progress not Perfection

This weekend, I went to a cabin on a lake about 4 hours away with some of my closest friends.  We take this trip every year and it's always awesome to get out of the city and into nature.  This year among our friends, the dynamic was very different.  4 of the 6 of us all worked for the same large corporation and this year only one is left!  2 of us have ventured into starting our own businesses.  Obviously the dynamic among us as a group of friends is becoming richer and more interesting with these significant life changes.  

As I asked my friends for feedback on my podcast, social media and website, they were happy to give it.  Although I've been very excited about what I've done, it was really great to hear some feedback from my friends.  Some of the things they told me is they want more true interviews, they want more context around the topics so the average listener can develop more interest and they want a clearer definition of the "the Power of Pop Music" is.  This is awesome feedback and will start to incorporate into our segments.  

I'm so grateful to have this platform to share my love and passion of music with the world.  Having always been a perfectionist, I am appreciating the value and opportunity to evolve and progress in this platform.  A month ago I released my first episode, now I have 8.  Instagram is getting a lot of attention and momentum.  A week ago I launched a website.  And this week, I have a very high profile interview coming up.  I'm happy to be here sharing this with you and I'm grateful you are here for my journey.  As always, keep it poppin...

Leech Lake, Longville, MN.  

Leech Lake, Longville, MN.  

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