How hard are you willing to work?

I’m now over 3 months into my journey as an entrepreneur. I gotta say, this is hard! Every day is so different. I think people often misinterpret what it actually means to be an entrepreneur. You start by channeling your passion. You then slowly evolve into what you’re destined to do. It requires a TON of work, constant dedication, and a lot of self-motivation.

Like all things, you take a little bit from column a and little bit from column b. You don’t have the luxury of a set work schedule - you create that for yourself. I feel like I’m working all the time. But that’s ok, because the work I’m doing is far more meaningful to me than any work I’ve ever done. You have certain privileges too. For example, I can now say no to things I never was able to say no to. As long as I’m creating value, I’m getting value.

Another big upside is the exposure to other people doing great things too. Through the podcast, I’ve met and promoted some really incredible artists. Through my social media business, I’m connecting with other entrepreneurs who either want to network or are looking for future partnerships.

Entrepreneurs on social media love to post pictures of themselves on yachts with $900 bottles of champagne living the good life. What they don’t advocate is the WORK. There are tons of millennials who think being an entrepreneur means you get to be about that life. The work comes first. So start there.